Lock-in your Interest Rate today for 120-days! No commitment, no deposit, no documents!

As you may know, Interest-rates are going up fast!

Did you know that you can actually lock-in your Interest Rate today for 120-days? No commitment, no deposit, no documents!

Here's the details from our Mortgage Broker, Louise Mason...

As you have probably heard on the news, at a dinner party, on Facebook, and pretty much anywhere people are talking, mortgage rates are going up rapidly across the country right now.

With our global economy recovering from the pandemic, and inflation affecting our groceries and gas prices, we're seeing both fixed and variable rates rising these days. The Bank of Canada is meeting again June 1st, and economists predict that they will move up the Prime-Rate for the 3rd time in 2022, this time it's anticipated to rise another 0.25%, in an attempt to mitigate the negative effects of historically high inflation levels. This would bring the BOC's new Prime Rate to 3.45%, affecting the cost of all variable rate mortgages by an average of $100-$200/month. On the other-side, Fixed-rates are now surpassing pre-pandemic levels, and they are still on the rise as the cost of Canadian Bond Yields surge.

We are offering quick, no-commitment 120-day Rate-Holds, no documents and no deposit required.
If you are considering buying property within the next 6 months, having a rate-hold in place could save you thousands, if not tens of thousands in principle and interest payments. It could also mean the difference between qualifying for the mortgage you need, or not. Most importantly, it gives you the peace of mind knowing you can take your time in making the biggest purchase of your life, without the stress of increasing interest-rates adding pressure and stress to the process.

You are not required to make a deposit or submit any documentation to us! All we need is your application, which takes 10 minutes to complete. You are also not bound to that particular lender, or the broker through which the Pre-Approval Rate-Hold is secured.
There is absolutely no commitment, no cost, and no-risk, you can walk away at any time should your plans change.

Rate-holds protect you against the impact of rising interest rates while you shop around, or wait for the perfect property to present itself.

Ready to Get Started?
To lock-in a low mortgage rate today CLICK HERE to fill out the application. Your rate-hold will be e-mailed to you within 48-72 hours.
A member of our mortgage team will phone you if there are any questions regarding your application.

Current Mortgage Rates (May 10th, 2022)
5yr fixed: 3.94%
3yr fixed: 3.69%
1yr fixed: 3.09%
5yr Variable: 2.15%
3yr Variable: 2.05% **(Promotional pricing, regular 2.25%)
If you have questions, feel free to phone or text me at 587-999-9768 or email [email protected]

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